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Special Services


Chronic Condition Management (CCM)

CCM is a special service offered to our Medicare patients. This is a program that is highly encouraged by the Centers for Medicare to care for our patients in between office visits. This service is where our staff routinely reviews your chart, updates your medication list and keeps track of what labs you are due for and will order them and remind you to have them done. We also keep track of your preventive care that's due and remind you when you are due. We update your personalized Care Plan routinely to help keep you well. We only wish we could offer this service to all our patients and not just our Medicare patients. You do not need a visit to have this service, we do it for you. This review is supervised directly by Dr. Tobalina who uses this service to remain updated on her patient’s care.


Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)

AWV is another service exclusive to Medicare patients. This is a video or in person visit where a Health Risk Assessment is performed and your Personalized Preventive Plan is reviewed and discussed. If you are due for any Medicare-covered preventive care, we'll order those at this visit. The AWV has no copay and is available once per calendar year. This visit is unique and cannot be combined with any other service. Refills and labs are not part of this visit. This is also not a physical, that's a separate service. Medicare has a lot of services to offer, they do all require their own visit on separate days.


Advance Care Planning (ACP)

This is your opportunity to review your end of life wishes. This visit will help ensure you understand all the details of the choices that come with medical care at the end of life. It can include reviewing Advance Directives and determining your Code Status based on your current health.

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